Gary's Rewards Program

Gary's Rewards Program

Gary's Membership is now better than ever! We've implemented a Gary's Points program. With this program, you will earn 10 points for every dollar spent in the building on anything. When you reach 5,000 points, you will be able to use $5 off your next purchase.

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Q. What is Gary’s rewards?

Gary’s Rewards is Gary’s free rewards program, where customers collect points for every purchase. For every 5,000 points a member collects, they’ll receive a $5 Reward!

Q. How do I join Gary’s rewards?

You can join in any New Jersey store by providing an email address and phone number, or online by visiting

Q. Why is my email required to join Gary’s rewards?

All the perks of Gary’s Rewards are sent via email. In order to enroll and receive Gary’s Rewards program perks, you need to provide a valid email address at the time of sign-up.


Q. How do I collect points in Gary’s rewards?

As a member of Gary’s Rewards, you’ll collect points on virtually all items in store when you provide your phone number at checkout. You’ll also collect points on purchases as long as you’re logged into your account. Exclusions apply and vary by state.

Q. How many points do I collect for my purchases?

As a Gary’s Rewards member, you’ll collect 10 points per dollar on virtually all items in store. We’ll also offer exciting bonus point opportunities from time to time, such as during Bonus Point Promotions. During Bonus Point Promotions customers will collect additional points for taking advantage of promoted offers (occasionally, you may be also asked to scan a bonus offer with your purchase to receive the bonus points). Select status members will receive the value of the promotion as-advertised. Points will automatically be applied to all bonus points (not base points). Points will appear on receipt but not officially added to the system until the end of the business day.

Q. How will Gary’s Wine & Marketplace track my points?

All the points you collect are added to two separate buckets:
- Reward Points: Every time you collect 5,000 points, those points are converted into a $5 Reward and the Reward Points bucket starts back at 0.

Q. What do my points get me?

Every time you collect 5,000 points, you’ll receive a $5 Reward to use in store or online on a future purchase.

Q. Do my points ever expire?

Yes – Reward Points will expire 30 days after they are collected if you have not shopped at Gary’s Wine and associated your Gary’s Rewards account during those 30 days.

Q. What if I didn’t get points for an in-store purchase; how do I get credit for those?

You can submit a request to get your missing points for any purchase made within the last 30 days by filling out this request form. Requests will be processed weekly. A confirmation email will be sent acknowledging successful requests. (Currently, we are unable to award points based on online purchases if the member was not logged into their account at the time of purchase.)


Q. How do I earn a Reward?

You’ll earn a $5 Reward for every 5,000 points you collect in-store or online.

Q. How will I receive a Reward once I’ve earned it?

Rewards will be sent by email the day after being earned. You’ll need to be subscribed to receive Gary’s marketing emails and have your preferred store set to a Participating Store in New Jersey. Currently, the redemption is only available for in-store purchases, but our team is working on ways to make it available online.

Q. Why do I need to bring my Reward into the store to redeem?

Rewards are personal to you. The store does not have access to them for security reasons. Your Reward unlocks your personal Rewards, so you’ll need to bring it on your phone or printed out with the barcode visible in order to use it!

Q. How long is my Reward good for?

Your Reward expires 30 days from the day it is earned.

Q. What products can I redeem my Reward on?

You can redeem your Reward on virtually anything in the store. Only the following items are excluded*:
• Purchase of a gift card
• Events or Classes
• Ice
• Bottle deposits
• Cigar boxes
• Keg and tap deposits
• Tap and tub rental fees
• Taxes

Q. Can I combine my Reward with other coupons?

Yes! Rewards can be combined and stacked on top of other coupons or discounts.

Q. Can I use just a part of my Reward?

No, Rewards must be used in $5 increments.

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